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Materials & Care

Sterling Silver

Our silver pieces are made from 925 sterling silver, which is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. They are plated in Rhodium, which is a rare costly metal that gives it extra shine and durability, and makes it less prone to tarnishing.

Gold Plating

Our gold pieces are plated with a thick layer of 18 Karat Gold, ensuring our jewels have the highest polish and quality. We sometimes use 14 Karat Gold plating on larger pieces so that these will be a more subtle shade of gold.

How to care for your jewels

Some tips on how to keep your jewellery shiny and (almost) new.


Avoid showering or bathing with your jewels! Contact with lotions and perfumes is not good for them too. And avoid wearing your jewellery when you work out - sweat can speed up the tarnishing process.


Store your jewellery separately, just so that they don’t get scratched. Ideally we recommend that you keep your jewels in our lined jewellery box or a soft pouch. If you live in a humid climate, keeping a small packet of dessicant crystals with them is a good idea.


Clean your jewellery with a polishing cloth to wipe away dirt and premature tarnishing. You will find that after just a light polish, the piece will look sparkly and new.