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Sahi Age of Innocence Crystal Leather Mini Bag



Our Crystal Mini Bag / Mini Handbag / Crossbody Bag is inspired with Age of InnocenceThe childhood with flying of the kite or balloon, all styles are designed to keep the spirit of Child inside you, the most innocent and pure time of human. and life.

Age of Innocence Crystal Mini Bag

Type: 100% Pure Leather Mini Handbag
Material: Calf Leather
Color: Pink / Green / Yellow
Dimension: 10.5cm*11.5cm*5.5cm
Warranty: 1 Year
Uses: Versatile in Style, Daily Wear, Partywear


British Design 100% Pure Calf Leather, with handle made of crystal. The first layer of bag is very soft and comfortable, scratch-resistant, strong breathability, strong sense of quality. Customized colored crystal wrist, using high-quality crystal, 36-sided cutting, candy color, dreamy and shiny. Double-chain design, crystal wrist can be carried by hand, metal chain shoulder strap, can be crossbody bag.

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Sahi Age of Innocence Crystal Leather Mini Bag Angebot€108,00